Consumer Protection and advertising

Public policies regarding Consumer Protection in Peru have been improved in the last few years and consequently, several new rules and regulations have been approved. Therefore, consumers and suppliers are more conscious about the increasing possibilities of claims regarding consumer protection, hence asking for legal advice on a preventive level.

Similarly, advertising rules and regulations have also improved to a level where we currently have a sophisticated legal framework that requires special knowledge and insights of the legal consequences of infringing advertising rules, bearing in mind the possible impact such infringement might have on competitors and, more importantly, on consumers.

Our team is highly recognized in the Peruvian market as a successful group of counselors that constantly advises important companies on their relations with their consumers and competitors. At the preventive level we regularly provide legal advice on determining if their publicity campaigns are in accordance with the Peruvian legal framework, although, our day to day expertise is to handle litigation representing consumers and competitors before the Peruvian Competition Authority (INDECOPI).