Projects & Infrastructure

The Projects & Infrastructure area gives legal advice specialized in Public Administration Entities as well as private companies, trying to find a collaboration that allows public interests as well as private investments, in order for them to be compatible.

The area lawyers, who come from the public sector as well as the private sector, are specialists in Administrative Law, Regulatory Law and Financial Law; and that expertise is what allows our firm to unfold with business that operate in different markets (telecommunications, road and rail infrastructure, sanitation services and energy, between others) and with public entities in order to find creative, effective and equilibrate solutions.

Our practice includes this different subjects:

-Legal advice on the offers inside processes and bids presentations called by the Estate.

-Legal advice on the elaboration and transaction in all types of Private Initiatives.

-Financial strategy elaboration of dealers by loans, syndicates u operation in stock market, as well as in temporal business constitution or by special purpose in order to participate in specific projects (project finance).

-Condition negotiation in concession contracts and public-private partnerships.

-Legal advice to organizing public entities throughout all the process.

-Legal advice to dealers during the concession contracts and public-private partnerships execution.

-Participation in the modification and/or renegotiation of contract clauses based on the rebalancing of benefits, enlargement or reduction of the contractual object, fortuitous event or force majeure events and other similar circumstances.

-Agreements, consortia and other cooperative instruments between Public Administration entities and between these with private companies.

-Legal advice on all the investment stages under the Tax Works regime, to private companies as well as Regional and Local Governments.