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In order to promote and strengthen the launched initiative with the “Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas”, in May 2013 the main Peruvian Law Firms joined forces to formalize the “Alianza Pro Bono Perú”, an additional step in the pro social culture institutionalization within all the law firms in Peru.

The main organizational goal is not also to create a platform that contributes to respond to unsatisfied demands for access to justice, but to value and promote pro bono work between attorneys and students. In that sense, Lazo & De Romaña Abogados participate in the promotion and implementation of this initiative as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. Therefore, we encourage pro bono work and identify new opportunities for legal assistance through: (i) law dissemination; (ii) contribution to the formulation of public policies; and (iii) sponsorship of individual (people affected by some vulnerability factor) or collective (sustainable human development) cases.

Currently, our founding partner Jorge Lazo Navarro is a member of the Board of Directors of the “Alianza Pro Bono Perú”, and the firm has been recognized as “Pro Bono Leading Light”, awarded by Latin Lawyer magazine and The Vance Center of New York in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

As per the objectives indicated above, our firm is part of the Pro Bono program known as Trust Law of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which dedicates to the promotion and defense of human rights, women empowerment, free and independent journalism, and access to justice. Lazo & De Romaña Abogados is proud to collaborate with an initiative dedicated to pro bono global legal assistance services that brings NGOs and social enterprises in contact with the best law firms in the world.

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Our firm is part of Women in the Profession WIP PERU. WIP Perú was created by a commission from the Vance Center’s Women in the Profession Program. As a result of which a management committee was formed, in which two members of our law firm participate, with the aim of promoting the development of women in the legal profession .

WIP PERÚ has five (5) working committees with the participation of legal managers from the main companies in the country, as well as members and lawyers of the main law firms with the purpose of promoting recruitment, promotion, retention and visibility policies of female talent; encourage mentoring for lawyers in law firms, companies and students; And to support the promulgation of anti-discrimination standards and to promote pro bono work in flagship cases.


Our managing partner Fátima De Romaña has been elected as the representative of Peru for the International Committee of the Women in the Profession Program for the period 2016-2018. More than fifteen (15) countries in the region participate in this committee. The Committee seeks to increase the representation of women in the legal profession. In recent years, the Vance Center has worked with local partners to organize WIP conferences in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.


In 2015, our firm launched a mentoring program for women in the legal profession called “LDR Lawyers”. This program has been very successful and important for our firm, considering that more than 50% of the lawyers of the firm are women of a wide range of ages (from 20 to 46 years). The objective of the program is to promote the professional development of women in the legal profession as well as the development of leadership skills.


Our Firm has been recognized as one of the leading companies in promoting gender equity in Peru, occupying second place in the fourth edition of the PAR 2018 Ranking, “Ranking of Gender Equity in Organizations” conducted by Aequales, an organization that promotes women’s labor empowerment. We are the only legal firm and company of Peruvian capital that is located within the first ten places of approximately 200 participating companies.
In 2017, we ranked seventh in the third edition of the 2017 PAR Ranking of a total of 141 participating companies.


Since 2016, our firm is part of the PAR Community. Likewise, it has been recognized as a consultative company of said community, as it is considered an agent of change and promoter of gender equity in organizations.

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