Competition Law

The way competition between enterprises materializes constantly changes and new methods of competition arise every day. The exact meaning of competition related concepts may be vague or subject to dispute when competitors, seeking for their own success, promote different conducts and interpretations of Competition Law and regulations. In this scenario, we provide creative individually tailored counsel to our clients.

At the preventive level we give in-house training to our clients┬┤ staff on how to interpret our regulatory framework as well as how to apply compliance programs in the daily practice of their specific industry. Moreover, we analyze projects and business models to determine whether or not they might raise claims of anti-competitive behavior. At this level, our competition team is highly qualified to provide legal advice in order to minimize risks of potential concerns and accusations.

We also have exceptional experience handling antitrust litigation. We have represented complainants and defendants in antitrust investigations and disputes before and against the Peruvian Competition Authority (INDECOPI). On both sides, we have handled claims alleging illegal antitrust conspiracies, concerted refusal to deal, predatory pricing, price discrimination, price-fixing, dumping, exclusive dealing, unfair advantages, among others related conducts. Our good record of success is based on our knowledge and skills on almost every aspect of a company┬┤s business.

Complementing our work, the international publication Chambers and Partners editions 2010 and 2011 ranked us as a leading firm in the Competition practice area.