Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

The area of banking, finance and capital markets provides counsel to companies in the different funding operations in the financial system and/or through capital markets. Thus, our area is ready to provide counsel in direct financial matters, credits, unions, subordinate credits, financial derivatives, trusts, issuances of shares, issuances of bonds of different natures according to the needs and characteristics of each client, title operations, financial operations of public and private projects, as well as stock market intermediation.

Furthermore, Lazo & De Romaña Abogados provides agents participating in banking, stock markets and capital markets with counsel in regulation processes and relationship to the control entities of the State so that such agents can meet legal local and international standards.

We have cross-functional teams that provide counsel to the financial agents and those of capital markets in the creation of new products.

The area of Banking, Finance and Capital Market also offers counsel on topics of mutual funds and investments.